2019 is a very interesting year for the streaming, recording and online video industry. Over the last two or three years streaming is not a ”tech-nerd” word anymore, but a word on every communicator, IT department, marketing and internal comms departments’ tongue. The market is growing fast and adaption from organizations across the globe is high.

There are a few trends that we believe will be important for the industry, our customers and the eco-system around us regarding video communication. A big player in networking, communication and video conferencing, Cisco, have released their report declaring that this year over 80% of all internet communication will be video streaming. This is both a strong confirmation that streaming is a technology here to stay and that the end users like to consume information and knowledge via streamed video. 

If you look back 30 years, finding answers to questions would be done via a trip to the library to search for the answer in books, look back 10-15 years you would look on Google and today the majority of the new generation are going directly to YouTube to find their answers. This shows a significant change in the way we will find information moving forward. 

Last year 2018 proved the need for reliable, secure and scalable streaming and recording solutions is everywhere. Previously it has been more narrow use cases that have been the natural place for live and on-demand streaming, now we can see it adding value across the board.

Corporate Communication

We are seeing a trend for different corporate departments, whether it being Leadership, HR, Marketing, Sales etc, they are all are using live and on-demand streaming to communicate internally and with external stakeholders. The big gains with using streaming and online video in these areas are to share information with employees, to train staff in new systems and policies, to market your products and generate leads with webinars and webcasts. Using streaming the reach is endless, everyone can see and take part in the information live or on-demand, on their laptop or their smartphones. 

2019 will be the year where an organization will utilize all their technology to create video communications. Video conferencing rooms will be used as studios, web cameras and PC screens for video tutorial creation, professional studios to create video communications and mobile phones to create and share knowledge. 

2019 will be the year where the various channels of creating videos in organizations will need to be managed in a user friendly, secure and scalable way. With last years new GDPR regulation, managing large volumes of video data requires a video strategy and a flexible and secure platform to manage this with.

Transparency in the political world and city council meetings

Sweden has long been familiar with the demand for a transparent environment for local and national political council meetings. This has created requirements that city council meetings should be made available to the public live and on-demand streamed. Making city council meetings available to everyone in the public allows people to see and hear the political debate and how decisions are made with their tax money. This has given great transparency and helped to increase the quality of debates and decisions. It has also sped up processes internally at city councils as they have all the decisions easily accessible to anyone within the organisation. 

Last year we saw an international demand with big councils across Europe and Australia to make the move to video for council meetings. This is a trend we believe will grow even stronger across several countries in 2019 and a trend we will follow closely and nurture with our 15+ years of experience in helping city council meetings reach the audience with streamed video and smart functionality.

A trend within the public sector we see is that when a platform for city council meetings are rolled out the online video platform will also be utilized for internal communications within the council or public organization. This gives more value to the investment and it also follows the Corporate Communications trend we described above, but in public organizations. 

Technology integrations between platforms and between software and hardware

Last year proved that organizations need to have a simple user workflow. When it is easy and the technology adapts to the user workflow then we can see the real gains from the investments. To get better Return On Investment (ROI) we see that integrations between platforms and technology are key to deliver additional value.

For Quickchannel last year we developed deeper integrations with Pexip, Synergy SKY, Cisco, Epiphan, Wirecast, which are all a combination of hardware-to-software or software-to-software integrations. A trend we believe will grow stronger and we think that the organisations will increase their demands for integrations between the platforms.

We will most likely also see more consolidation in the market for video communication. One indication of this was the Pexip and Videxio merger that has now made Pexip a bigger and stronger player in the market which we work closely with to enable streaming, recording and an advanced CMS for videos generated from Pexip VMRs.

We look forward to what 2019 has to offer and to continue to develop with the industry, our partners and our customers. Let’s see in 12 months if our trend spotting turns out to be true.

If anyone wants to discuss the video industry, streaming or have any questions – feel free to contact us here or on LinkedIn.

Let’s have a good year together!