Video conferences create a knowledge library – Every video meeting can be recorded and saved for co-workers to watch on-demand at a later moment to spread information and knowledge internally in the organization. With a user-friendly and secure solution for recording and live streaming of video meetings it is possible to create a knowledge library for the entire organization.

Live webinars from video meetings – Invite speakers and lecturers from all over the globe and let them present and discuss various topics while you share the webinar with your viewers, both live and on-demand. With an online video platform that enables webinar functionality, where you can utilize viewer registration, chat with moderator capabilities, interactive agendas and speaker names, every video meeting becomes a potential live streamed webinar.

Training and education videos – It is possible to your existing video conferencing infrastructure or even the webcam on your laptop to record training and education videos and other presentations. Instead of writing long emails or PDF documents, record the material and share your presentation with your audience in just a few minutes. With the functionality to edit your video you can create professional training videos directly from a virtual meeting room.

Live broadcasts – Utilize your existing video conference system to create live streams with a global reach in a secure and professional manner. With Live Controls and Chat Moderators it is possible to reach and manage a global audience straight from a video conference room.

Reach anyone at any time – With a streaming and recording platform integrated into your existing video conferencing environment it is possible to reach anyone at anytime with any message – live, on-demand and on any device.

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