For many years everything was supposed to be installed and delivered as on-prem within organizations, governments and agencies, but then something happened. The cloud was introduced and soon after everything was supposed to be deployed in the cloud. If you did not operate in the cloud you were basically a dinosaur.

Again, we can see a shift in the deployment trend. More and more are asking for on-prem deployments again as they have realized there could be security and policy issues with a cloud solution. However, many seem to forget completely of the hybrid solution. Therefore, we have decided to shine the spotlight on the hybrid and give that deployment option some love.

The Quickchannel hybrid deployment is built in such a way that the Quickchannel application is still operated in the cloud and the media servers are installed locally behind the customer’s firewall. This means the customer will still receive all updates, patches and other releases while still maintaining a high level of security. We are still seeing a few common misconceptions with a hybrid deployment and we would like to take this opportunity to de-bunk those notions.

Some still believe that a hybrid deployment is simply an on-prem platform and a cloud platform co-existing in the same environment, in other words, you would be required to run two platforms. The reality is that a hybrid deployment is a single solution, built to be much easier to manage, maintain and scale. A hybrid deployment is the best of both worlds: a cloud solution for the content management and a media server that sits on premise to deliver the content in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Sometimes we hear that hybrid deployments cannot be used in high security industries, such as banking. This, however, is simply not true. A hybrid deployment is an excellent choice for a high security organization, or any organization for that matter. A hybrid solution allows security-conscious organizations to take advantage of cloud resources (and updates, patches and releases, remember?), while still keeping their media behind their own firewalls, creating a privatized video network.

To summarize, we can conclude that a hybrid deployment is definitely something to consider for any type of organization. The benefits of a hybrid solution is that the media is stored and delivered behind customer’s own firewalls. It reduces the strain on the Internet and can be combined with proxy solutions to decrease the workload on the internal media servers and further increase capacity. The Quickchannel hybrid deployment can also be combined with other third party CDNs.

To learn more about our Deployment Options, please download our PDF document or take a look at this video.