As more workplaces transition to being remote we are attending more video calls to reach both customers and colleagues. If you don’t have a lot of experience with video conferencing, it may take some time getting used to.

With these 7 tips we can help you stay productive and become a pro in video conferencing whilst working from home:

  1. Dedicated workspace
    Find a quiet space away from people and distractions. Prepare everything you need before you start the meeting – chargers, pens, notebook etc.
  2. The surrounding
    Make sure no pets or children are around that might distract you ? Also check what the participants in the meeting will see behind/around you.
  3. Get dressed
    You don’t need to dress as formally as you do for work, but maybe skip that superold comfy t-shirt
  4. Placement
    Place your computer at eye level (maybe put some books under?) It can otherwise become a ”less flattering” image of yourself ?. Try to look into the camera and keep eye contact.
  5. Sound
    Use a headset to avoid sound-delay or echo. Don´t drum with a pen or type too hard on the keyboard. Use ”mute”-button until you want to say something (this might take some practise though not forgetting to un-mute) ?
  6. Light
    Have a window placed so that you get the light in your face. Not behind you, as your face will turn out way to dark. Light coming from above will create shadows under your eyes.
  7. Connect on time
    Things can happen and technology can go awry. Connect in good time!

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Good luck with your meetings! ? ?