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We help organizations save time, money and reduce the impact on the environment through video streaming
Since the company was founded in 1995, we have always been dedicated to delivering video and streaming solutions at the forefront of technology. Helping organizations save time by reducing travel, money by reaching larger audiences and reducing the impact on the environment by working more digitally is at the core of our business and enterprise.

It started in Mountain View, California
Here we first came in contact with the need for streaming solutions. It was the first chapter of our story that we continued with in a basement in Stockholm in 2005. Today 15+ years later we have the head office in the Old Town, Stockholm where the company's management team is located together with the commercial organization. One hour south of Strängnäs we have our development and technology office and in Helsinki, Finland we have our third office.

Our customer feedback is the core of our platform
We have always been proud to develop, support and sell our software solutions by our own team. Our customers and users wishes are how we navigate to further develop our solutions. Our reach has been strengthened by our global partner network which now helps Quickchannel customers with the best streaming solution worldwide.

Delivered on three continents
Quickchannel's platform is offered in several markets on three continents and our customers come from both the public sector and the corporate market. Our international expansion helps us in our goal to help more organizations with the best solution in streaming and recording solutions.

We are proud to have taken many small steps towards our long-term vision of being the leading solution in video, streaming and recording solutions. Do you want to join us on our growth journey? Learn more about open positions and apply here.

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