Cisco CMS streaming.

Quickchannel has assisted organizations with live-streaming and recording through Cisco CMS streaming for several years with great success.

We have great experience with video platforms and streaming because our history dates back over 20 years and we integrate, today, with many different video conferencing solutions.

Thanks to our integration with Cisco CMS, a video conference participant can utilize streaming and recording, which is a unique add-on to your existing solution and hardware. We give you Cisco CMS streaming.

When you are using Cisco CMS streaming with Quickchannel you will be able to store and handle all your video material in a secure and safe manner. If you wish to be able to distribute the material in a user friendly way, either internally or externally, you can use Quickchannel Play. This will provide you with your own web-TV channel fully customized to include your branding, absolutely no commercials or ads and the material will play on all devices. All material will be fully owned by you and can be shared on social media. All your video files will be searchable, categorized and available in one location with Quickchannel Play.

Cisco CMS streaming offers simple user experience with high security and easy deployment.

With a licens from Quickchannel enabling Cisco CMS streaming your virtual meeting rooms can be used as a studio, lecture hall and so on. The possibilities are endless!

Every organization that uses Cisco CMS streaming with Quickchannel is provided with a user friendly and professional content management platform.

For more information on how to integrate and test Quickchannel recording and stream, contact us here or sign up for a trial account.

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We make streams come true. Alla våra lösningar är molnbaserade och inga plugins eller nedladdade klienter krävs. Skapa, dela och titta på video med ett musklick.


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