No one wants it to ever happen, but that does not mean you can just ignore it. When a crisis situation occur you, as an organization, better be ready. How you communicate with stakeholders, employees and/or the public in a crisis situation – a data breach (GDPR anyone?), a leadership scandal or allegations of criminal activity – will determine the impact on everything from revenue to customer satisfaction to stock prices.

Video is emerging as the most powerful and preferred tool for crisis communication. Not only is video a personal, authentic and effective way to communicate, it is also accessible from any device, which means the intended audience can consume the message with ease.

As mentioned, video is considered a personal way of communicating. In a crisis situation or in times of uncertainty people want to look their leaders in the eye and hear the tone in their voice. This makes video a powerful solution in crisis management. A CEO can record a message and defuse a situation in no-time, instead of having to interact with all stakeholders in person and one-by-one.

Even though video is a powerful tool and is being used more and more in organizations, for crisis communication and other purposes, a common practice is to still use mass email, corporate blogs, press releases and general word of mouth. These types of communication will likely never disappear completely, but as primary methods of communication in a crisis situation they offer a delayed and impersonal channel. This increases the risk of untrue rumors being started and circulated and before the corporation can react these rumors are believed to be the truth and the accepted story line. A nightmare when it comes to crisis communication.

To conclude, video is now an expected communication channel in day to day life, and more and more in our working environment. The purpose of the videos can be anything from entertainment to information and most of us watch several videos a day across multiple devices. As a corporation it would not make sense to not capitalize on this trend and utilize video in its communication. When a crisis hits, if you are prepared with a video platform, you have the ability to convey an immediate message with an emotional power that no other medium has. It is perfect to make sure you get your message across, with the right facts, messages and information, before the rumors start to circulate.

To learn more about how you can prepare and be ready for a crisis situation, that hopefully never comes, please reach out to us.