We are usually trying to inform of different ways video can be used in various scenarios for internal communication within an organization. However, instead of convincing you of the greatness of video we decided to check in with our clients to see how they are using video. The results speak for themselves, not only have they been listening to our suggestions in the past, but they have also come up with several creative ways of utilizing video in their internal communication:


Employee of the month message

Why put a picture on a ”Wall of Fame” or just send out an email blast when you can create and distribute a fun and quirky video announcing the Employee of the Month or other individual employee achievements and celebrations.

Company ”newsletter”/internal updates

Instead of mailing out news updates and newsletters internally to inform about news within the organization a great way to keep everyone up to speed on key events and happenings is through short video messages. Can also be used for external marketing-related communication.

Candidate interviews

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but video is a great tool for candidate interviews for open positions. Not only can video be used for candidates coming from outside the organization, it can also be used for internal promotions or transfers from other office locations. Add recording to the video strategy and others in the recruitment process can take part of the material.

Town hall/CEO speech

Having key leaders within an organization interact with a global corporate community can easily bring the company together and aid company-wide engagement. By adding real-time chat functionality and things such as on-demand viewing everyone can get involved.

Operational documentation

When there is a change to internal policy or a departmental procedure, do you prefer to be sent a thick document with all the new information or watch a video explaining the news? Yes, most people prefer the video and adding a message through video to the official written documents is a great way to make sure everyone takes part of the message.

Departmental updates & Weekly meetings

Stream and record your departmental updates and weekly meeting for everyone who cannot be on-site to take part of the information. Everyone will always be up to speed on the latest information.

Sales training

Develop sales skills by recording mock sales pitches and inform about new pricing or products through video.

Employee on-boarding

Have you hired new people to the team? It can be very time consuming to on-board said people. Instead of spending all your time exhausting the new co-workers let them watch video with the information on their own and let them decide when they are ready for the information.

Event coverage broadcast

Are you taking part in or hosting a cool event, but not everyone can be there to participate? Livestream the event for everyone back at the office and make sure you record it for on-demand viewing.

Project management/connect remote teams

Multiple offices trying to work together towards a common goal, but finding it hard to be able to connect due to distances? Connect via video and work together.

Financial reviews

Communicate financial reports to key stakeholders, internally and externally, through video. If you are using dual streams it is also possible to have the content stream as large as the video stream in the actual player.


These are some of the examples that our clients have told us about. Do you have more use cases for video in internal communications? We would love to hear them.

Also, if you think we can help you elevate your internal communication through video, let us know!