Traditionally, the period right after the Christmas holidays and after the summer vacation is the time when most people change jobs. As we all know, new employees can be both time-consuming and resource-intensive for the hiring organization in the on-boarding process. In order to alleviate these heave processes, more companies start moving toward video and recorded training sessions. This is a trend not only applicable to the on-boarding of new employees, but also to ongoing development of current staff within an organization. It is easier for an organization to produce material to be taught via video where the content is clearly presented and then distribute said video to the employees who can then take part of the information when it suits their schedules. This means that the activity of an entire department has to come to a halt because everyone is busy participating in a training session. With the help of different tools, employers can monitor participation in the videos and ensure all employees watch the videos. There are also statistics that show we find it easier to comprehend and remember material that has been presented to us in the form of video than in text or spoken to us by a lecturer.

The problem most organizations encounter in their efforts to conduct internal training sessions via video is the distribution of the material. Ideally, you want to be able to gather all the video material in one place, but that is not the only requirement to be met. Requirements such as the ability to categorize the video, make it searchable and available to all viewers no matter the device they are on. Of course, it is also incredibly important that you as an organization have full control and ownership of your material throughout the entire distribution process.

By using our Quickchannel Play module, you get all of the features mentioned above and you can also decide whether the video material should be available for internal and/or external use, along with your own branding. Your viewers will never be bothered by annoying advertisements and you will never have to worry about any inappropriate third-party video clips being played automatically after your video is completed.

We would like to initiate a conversation with you about how to streamline your internal communication and get you onboard the trend of video trainings.