Are you also nervous before starting a webcast or webinar? Many of our customers have been scarred from previous experiences. With Quickchannel you can relax and sit back and let it happen. Record in advance how many times you want until you feel pleased with the result and then let your crowd take part of your recording.

Quickchannel offer a market-leading video platform with focus on simplicity, security and integration. With the platform you can create, manage and distribute online video and communication. Edit your mobile live streaming or videoconferences in the plattform, add an interactive agenda, index register, speakers name – and much more.


Create your video content from any device. Send live from your cellphone, create video with your webcam, broadcast from a professional studio, use your videoconference to record your virtual meeting room as a webinar-studio.


If you have 10 important videos or 10.000 videos and live-broadcasting in your organisation you can handle it professional in Quickchannel with different play-channels, video library and access. With Quickchannel’s rolebased system you can have administrators, super-administrators and video-editors.

You can take your mobile livestreams or videoconferences and edit those in the platform, ad interactive agenda, index register, speakers name and much more.


The platform deliver simple and scalable distribution of your videos, live streaming and your media. Quickchannel can distribute this to different play-channels, video archive, social media chanels, intranet, or websites. Quickchannel offer different distribution solutions where you can use Quickchannels CDN, your own infrastructure or third party.

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