The digital development affects all part of the business, even HR departments. Today the employees take for granted (especially the millennials) that the company offers digital communication. And the millennials are also used to using visual learning tools. Besides, research shows that the brain can process images thousands time faster than text. So why not start with creating an onboarding video to make a great impression.

A few tips when creating an onboarding video:

  • Be personal
  • Involve everyone
  • Show the company culture
  • The technic
Be personal

Make it easy for new hires to connect with the rest of the team by using video to show the human side of the company. And don’t be afraid to be personal.

Involve everyone

The welcome message video could be from the CEO, but don’t forget the rest of the team. Watching employees describe the department will make the team feel more relatable and less intimidating. Also let them talk about the company benefits and activities.

Show the company culture

To welcome new hires with a video that features team members will give a sense of the company culture and also let them talk about practices. Or why not visualise the company values. Video capture more than just words, but also sounds, expressions and feelings.