On the 6th of May, I started working as an International Partner Manager at Quickchannel. It has been a month full of learning, new experiences, meeting new people and I have already completed my first business trip! After having worked in business consulting for some years, I felt it was time for a new adventure. I hadn’t heard of Quickchannel before, but I found the role, as well as Quickchannel’s future plans, really interesting.

The first month

The first month has gone by much faster than I had expected, which is a good sign. When stepping into the penthouse office located in the heart of Stockholm’s Old town, I directly got a welcoming feeling and had time to grab a coffee with a new colleague before the on-boarding begun. The first week was dedicated to a lot of information and product training and I also got an understanding of how the organization was functioning. Having no previous experience from streaming/recording or the IT sector, it was a lot to grasp and several new concepts to learn, such as on-prem, hybrid or cloud deployment.

Furthermore, I had the chance to learn more about the other teams within the organization and what they were working on.

After the first week, we attended UC EXPO in London, had some interesting meetings and hosted an event with a boat ride and dinner on the Themes together with Synergy Sky. For me it was a good opportunity to get introductions to different players on the market and learn more about how Quickchannel fits into the unified communication/video conference/collaboration sector.

After these two weeks, it feels like my days have been full of meetings (online) and I have virtually been all over the world; from Finland to UK, to Germany and all the way to Australia, ending up in Costa Rica. And as one of my passions is international business, I find this very stimulating.

The hardest part

The hardest part has been to understand the complexity: I received lots of new information, new terms, new ways of doing things. Having never worked in a tech or IT business before, there were many things to pick up.

The best part

The best so far has been amazing colleagues who have been very helpful from day one. Also, I really enjoy the international part of the role, the company itself and the great feedback we receive about our product from the market. This is a very important aspect and gives a lot of confidence when trying to spread the word about Quickchannel on the international market.

Why you should join us

I think of two reasons especially, why you should join Quickchannel: it is a great company, with a great product. In all meetings that I have had with the clients, they have been impressed by our platform and how it is built.

In addition, it is a company that offers you opportunities and cares about you. You’re not a number here, you are a person that has all opportunities to impact the future of Quickchannel.

Thanks for reading!