The one thing that absolutely cannot happen is happening. I walk down the stairs to the subway platform and is greeted by the sight of an alarmingly large number of confused and angry people. That is one sight that is always a bit worrying, especially on a day like this where I can’t be late under any circumstances. Over the speaker system I hear someone call out something about a technical error and I can feel the energy leave the crowd. The panic starts to set in; I will be late on the first day at my new job at Quickchannel.

After three years with my former employer it was time for me to take the leap and try something new. A new industry, new office, new colleagues, new routines. That is also exactly how I felt coming home on Monday, a complete mess of ’new’ in my head. At the same time I also felt confident that I had taken the right decision grabbing this opportunity.

The week ran by at supersonic speed and there was a never ending stream of new information. Information regarding the system, the company, clients and partners and so on. At times you felt very doubtful that you would ever understand anything. For example, around 4 pm on Tuesday afternoon when you feel completely on edge because of all the coffee you have been drinking and you just cannot understand the differences between live streaming, recording and a regular video meeting. Of course, at other times you felt like you understood everything perfectly and everything was under control.

The biggest joy occurred toward the end of the week when I finally started to get a grip on what it is that we actually do here at Quickchannel. I even started to know some of the answers to questions asked by potential clients and partners. That was also the moment when I realized that I will never again have to panic over being late because of public transportation thanks to Quickchannel and the streaming and recording solutions that we offer. Because of this I can just make my way to the nearest café and take part in the Monday meeting via video link or just watch the recorded meeting at a later moment.

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