Quickchannel's partner program helps you reach your business goals with the ability to offer the market's best streaming solutions. We have been in the streaming and recording industry for over 15 years and have successfully delivered high quality solutions for customers in many industries and organizations.

In the program, you can increase your revenue and profits by increasing market reach and helping customers communicate more efficiently with streaming and online video. The program is based on common needs and goals. Quality is a word of honor and the goal is to create a profitable and successful business solution for all parties. Let's work together!

Why cooperate with us?
At Quickchannel, we have a clear partner strategy and collaboration with us is a fantastic opportunity. The market for streaming and recording is growing rapidly and as a partner you have a key role in Quickchannel's success and future growth. As a member of our program, you are entitled to a range of resources, training and active activities that help your organizations add value to new or existing customers.


Offer a platform with generous margins and incentives for partners to grow its business.

Revenue potential

Increase your revenue with high margins and financial incentives.

Stand out

Differentiate yourself from competitors with a unique streaming and recording platform.


Quickchannel products are used deep in the clients’ organisation and with strong integrations it enables long lasting relationships with your clients.



Technology partner

Develop innovative technology solutions with Quickchannel. Quickchannel has comprehensive developer APIs to integrate the Quickchannel platform and technology with other solutions. Quickchannel is considered the market's most flexible platform for streaming and video management online and offers great value in combination with other solutions.

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