Pexip recording.

Quickchannel we have many years of experience when it comes to Pexip recording. We developed Quickchannel Bridge in a collaboration project with the Pexip R&D team to enable Pexip recording and Pexip streaming.

What is Pexip recording?

Pexip is a provider of virtual meeting rooms (VMR) where all participants can use the tools available to share information: voice, video, screen sharing etc. With our integration with Pexip it is now possible to live-stream and record such a meeting. You can start and stop the streaming and recording with one simple click, or why not schedule the recording in advance?

Pexip recording with Quickchannel is user friendly and easy to get started with. The integration between Quickchannel and Pexip can be made in different ways. Quickchannel is unique with the Pexip dual-stream solution which enables the Quickchannel platform to receive Camera stream and Content stream separated to give a better viewer experience.

We have developed plugin for web app and the new web app from Pexip version 19. We support dynamic and personal VMRs and we support Auto Dial Participants. Depending on the user workflow of your organisations we have the solution that supports your Pexip recording and streaming needs.

  • User friendliness

We work together with our clients to deliver the most user friendly and powerful Pexip recording and streaming solution on the market.

  • Scalability

Pick and chose the products that fit your need and tailor your Pexip recording and streaming platform.


It should be easy for you to work with us as your supplier and to incorporate our solutions into your daily workflow.

Contact us today and let us tell you more about Pexip recording or sign up for a free trial!.

Quickchannel offer first class solutions for corporate video and with Pexip recording you will have a platform of the highest quality. We are market leaders and offer many functionalities that are not found anywhere else when it comes to Pexip recording.

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