Quickchannel offers a market-leading video platform with a strong focus on user experience, security and integrations. The platform is used to create, manage and distribute online video and communication. All development and new functions are based on the users' wishes and their workflow in our solutions.


You can create video content from any device you want. Live from your mobile, create video with your webcam, broadcast from a professional studio, use your video conferencing for recording or your virtual meeting room as a webinar studio. All this you can do with Quickchannel to create new video content.


If you have 10 important videos or 10,000 videos and live broadcasts in your organization, you can handle all this smoothly and professionally in Quickchannel with various play channels, video libraries and access. With Quickchannel's role-based systems, you can have administrators, super-admins and video editors. 


The platform delivers simple and scalable distribution of your videos, live broadcasts and your media. Quickchannel can distribute this to your various play channels, video archives, social media channels, intranets and websites. Quickchannel offers various distribution solutions where you can use Quickchannel's CDN, your own infrastructure or a third party.


Chat, voting, Speech-to-text, Statistics (browser, operating system, host, traffic, viewing hours, unique viewers).

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