Quickchannel is a flexible platform that is at the forefront of developments in streaming, online video and recording. We support many different technologies, protocols and integrate with several platforms and applications. The integrations and our APIs are one of the cores in our platform for our customers using Quickchannel in many different areas and in several different ways regarding communication.

Quickchannel integrates with several different technologies such as AV equipment, video conferencing, booking systems, authentication solutions and other systems. Quickchannel has developed APIs to make the integration process smooth with other platforms and systems.


We are constantly looking for new platforms and technologies to integrate with to support our users and customers in their work flows. Platforms and applications we integrate with today are:

Video conferencing, voting systems, mentometer systems, CMS platforms, mobile applications, streaming servers, encoders


QCS.VC - is Quickchannel's SIP & WebRTC solution for using video conferencing systems or virtual meeting rooms to record and broadcast live with all the functionality of Quickchannel. With this solution, your conference rooms become a communication studio. Included in QCS.VC is also a solution to use only the browser where you select microphone and camera and then you are live.

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