Quickchannel offers the highest level of security and security solutions. Security and integrity are key words for us and they are of the highest priority for our customers. When we deliver business-critical internal information to our customers, it is of the utmost importance that the information and the medium are secure from creation to handling and distribution.

Quickchannel offers several different levels of security functionality and security solutions when you use the platform. The Quickchannel platform can be installed and delivered in different ways based on the customer's needs and requirements regarding functions regarding content and video administration. In addition to this, Quickchannel offers customized security functionality and can make customer-specific solutions based on needs and requirements.

Video security

Each recording, video and live broadcast can be protected in several different ways. These are the default security features for a video in Quickchannel. The functionality is based on which modules you have activated with your license.


Standard security:

- Unique linking

- Password

- IP lock

- Geographical management


Security surcharge:

OAuth2.0 genom OpenID Connect

Platform Security / Cloud Service (Saas)

Quickchannel's platform is normally delivered as a cloud service in Quickchannel's cloud and with Quickchannel's CDN. Quickchannel offers SSL protection as standard for metadata and the web application. The video streams are supplied with protection so that they cannot be downloaded during playback. Quickchannel's cloud is located in a data center in Stockholm with host class security and redundant servers for both media and web application.

The customer can choose whether Quickchannel or Partner support should be able to access customer material with or without permission from the end user. This is one of many security features developed to tailor the wishes and needs of each customer account.


Standard security features:

– Google SSO

- Login and password


- Every customer have their own video structure


Security add-ons in the platform:

– SAML/Single Sign On

– Active Directory integration


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