In this post I will share our experience of using recorded video meetings for our internal communication. This experience shows how video increases productivity, saves time and strengthens corporate culture.

In our company to keep everyone updated, we have two video meetings a week with the whole team. Monday meeting at 9.00 to kick-start the week and go through our deliveries, plans, developments and client cases. Fridays we have a meeting at 16.00 to summarize what we have done in the week and plan for the next.

Above is a snapshot from a recording of one Friday meeting in August with camera stream and powerpoint integrated in the player.

A colleague in our team got a daughter several weeks early this summer and he was away from work for 8 weeks. When he got back we scheduled a half day catch up. It was important that he received all the briefs from our new functionalities and releases, the deals we have done and the client cases he will be working on.

Two minutes into the brief he said

I have watched the last six recorded Monday and Friday meetings this morning – I am already up to speed!

This moment truly showed what an impact technology and digital video solutions have on productivity and team collaboration.We saved a full day of work and he got the updates and information straight from the source when it happened.

We use a Pexip solution for our Virtual Meeting Rooms with video meetings and we use Quickchannel Bridge to record, live stream and manage the recordings with ease.

Here is a video showing how easy it is done: VIDEO

For more information send and email to and we will tell you more of how we use video to boost productivity in our workplace.