Throughout our 15 year long journey helping organisations to unify their communications with video and streaming solutions we have stumbled upon many questions. Many organisations struggle today keeping teams informed with the latest information.

When the typical team or department needs to inform everyone at the same time about new products, decisions or information, communication issues are bound to arise. We all know how hard it is to find time in everyone’s schedule and calendars for such meetings, not to mention problems with different communication solutions. So how can we all meet seamlessly in video meetings across platforms and organisations and how can we make all video meetings accessible for our whole organisation? The solution to these struggles and problems have never been easier to answer.

We have officially launched Quick Channel Bridge for a seamless integration with Pexip’s award-winning Infinity platform that ties together enterprise communication solutions such as Microsoft® Skype™ for Business, IBM® Sametime™ and other traditional video and telephone conferencing systems. Quick Channel Bridge makes a powerful tool for organisations to improve work efficiency by making information secure, available and accessible anytime and anywhere. You’re only one click away from recording and live-streaming any video meeting to anyone in the world.You can pre-schedule a recording and live-stream or you can start it ad-hoc whenever you want. This solution is fully integrated with other Quick Channel systems and aspects such as security, branding and publishing are included.

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