2020 have accelerated the adoption of Live Streaming and Video Communications. This has shed light on the problem with Enterprise infrastructure not being designed to support heavy video consumption. With Quickchannel and Peer5´s partnership, enterprises will be able to reduce the bandwidth and burden on the physical infrastructure up to 95%.

The events of 2020 have finally ushered in the era of Live Streaming and ever-present Video Communications. We have witnessed a policy shift which now requires corporate events to be streamed to all hands and then recorded for on-demand access. Additionally, the new work-from-home and hybrid models have made it necessary for training videos and HR content to be made available on demand for onboarding purposes.

Unlike home networks, enterprise infrastructure was never designed to support heavy video consumption. Network upgrades are costly and disruptive, but there is an affordable alternative that is now available thanks to a new partnership between Sweden’s Quickchannel and Silicon Valley’s Peer5.

Thanks to Peer5’s peer-to-peer technology, Quickchannel’s all-in-one streaming and video platform now includes an eCDN solution for enterprise video. By sharing the video content between all the viewers on a given local network, the bandwidth required and burden on the physical infrastructure can be reduced by up to 95%. Peer-to-peer means that it is infinitely scalable; the more viewers there are, the more robust the network, and the more bandwidth is saved.

Viktor Underwood Quickchannel

“It has been a big pain for many of our customers with large scale streaming events on local corporate networks. This easy-to-implement, serverless technology can be integrated in half a day’s time and solves the problem for our customers. Peer5 includes advanced analytics that provide a real-time picture of the quality of the broadcast, the user experience, and the network load” comments Viktor Underwood, CEO of Quickchannel.

Additionally, the platform includes an industry-exclusive no-install silent tester, which allows systems engineers to stress test the network before an event using the actual devices that will participate, but without any disruption to the day-to-day operations of the users. Quickchannel and Peer5 have made sure that the maximum level of security is maintained at every point of the broadcast and that the product is as easy to integrate as possible.

Hadar Weiss Peer5

“The Swedish and Israeli members of the two teams hit it off immediately, executing a lightning-fast integration that speaks to the dynamic energy of the two companies’ tech staff. We are absolutely delighted to be working with them” says Hadar Weiss, CEO of Peer5.

By mid-December, 2020, and after just a few weeks of integration, Quickchannel will be offering Peer5’s eCDN product with their all-in-one streaming package. This unique international partnership will serve to improve corporate communications all over the world, supporting the new hybrid work model and the upcoming return to the office that finally seems to be just around the corner.

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About Quickchannel
Quickchannel is a market-leading online video platform for live streaming, recording and management of on-demand video. With a strong focus on security, scalability and user experience, Quickchannel offers a complete chain of cloud-based solutions. Create, record, manage and broadcast any type of event, from seminars to meetings and internal/external presentations.

About Peer5
Peer5 solves the network congestion problems caused by large, live, corporate events such as all-hands meetings. When everybody watches at the same time, the network is choked, but with Peer5, an efficient P2P mesh network is formed that reduces the load by 950%. Peer5 leverages WebRTC, which means no additional software or hardware is needed, just a modern browser.

SAP, Adobe, Ebay, PWC, Deutsche Telekom, DXC and other fortune 500 customers mitigate networking issues and trust Peer5 for their biggest corporate events.