The new Synergy SKY and Quickchannel solution offers a new user friendly way to schedule recording and streaming with the users normal workflow. When scheduling a meeting with Synergy Meeting Server you simply add “Recording” as a participant. This will automatically trigger a recording on the organizers dedicated Quickchannel recording account.

If the end user does not have a Quickchannel account set up, it will automatically provision a new account for the organizer of the meeting where they can find the recording. The recording will be found in the Quickchannel portal and every recording will have data with it to enable easy browsing of previous recordings.

This is a market changing integration between the Scandinavian video technology organizations that enables service providers and re-sellers a competitive edge in the video communications market.

Every recording and stream starts, streams and publishes automatically.

Every recording have the following:

  • Title of the recording (same as meeting title)
  • Organizer (same as meeting organizer)
  • Date and time of recording
  • Length of recording
  • Dual stream player
  • Customer branding
  • Customer security profile
  • Category


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