After being back at work for 1 week since summer holidays we are back at full speed. Being beginning of August some of our team are still on holiday and are working remotely from outside the office. In this article I want to share some of our learnings about sharing knowledge within the organization.

Looking back over the last 18 months I can see how our organization have really leveraged the technology we work with internally to bridge knowledge gaps and transfer skills and information.

For the team to always be working at full speed without losing momentum we implemented weekly meetings on Mondays and Fridays. These meetings are there to inform across different departments and to educate each other with new knowledge and features. The importance of these sessions of knowledge sharing is unmatched and we soon realized this when someone from the team was not attending.

The knowledge gap and the break in momentum was clear to repeat these sessions for specific people that couldn’t attend. To gap this bridge we looked at the technology we develop and started using it to improve our own collaboration.

This was over 18 months ago and since then, every Monday and Friday meeting has been digital and the knowledge has been saved. All the meetings are now held in a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) which allows everyone to join in from any device from anywhere. In addition we use the Quickchannel platform to:

  • RECORD – all the meetings and knowledge sessions
  • MANAGE – the recordings and tutorials
  • DISTRIBUTE – with enterprise security and scalability

This has created a Quickchannel on-demand knowledge library for everyone in the team. Below you can see a snapshot from our recording of the video meeting this morning.

If a member of the team is on a client meeting, vacation or sick leave they catch up by watching the weekly meetings on-demand from the device of their choice. Because it is internal information we protect it with our enterprise security functions and we add meta data so that we can search and find the correct recording with ease.

I strongly recommend to any team that is busy and cannot always synchronize the calendars to record and store your knowledge. To do this in a easy way and to manage and find your content in a user friendly fashion is key to success in a project like this.

If you want to know more how we work then send me a message and I can tell you more.

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