Lovely ”february child care” is entering! A few days off without missing anything at work… Or?!

It´s known in general that February in working life is called ”February child care”. Catching a cold or fever is almost mandatory for this period of time. It´s like a rollercoaster, without the fun and excitement.

At Quickchannel we prepare well for this period with vitamines! It’s sad for those who get really sick and need to stay at home with fever, coughing and snoring, but most sad it is for the children that don’t want to stay in bed for many days, bored, without being able to play.

You can also choose to see it like peace and quiet in the high speed that working life brings with it. That’s how we look at February child care. Despite a high speed and calendars that are full of activities and ”to do’s”, you don’t miss much at work and can still spend some time with your family at home.

Let us tell you how.

The last years we’ve seen more and more popularity in video meetings/conferences – and the traditional meetings are getting less. The internet have been giving us the opportunity to have meetings with people allover the world, with a few easy steps.

Quickchannel have been working with streaming and video online for 15 years and we are using it to the fullest. 80% of our daily meetings are through internet today, even our in-house meetings.

But how does this work? Be at home with your sick children, but at the same time don’t miss a thing at work?!

This works because of our videomeeting-system, VMR and recording. We always record our in-house meetings, presentations and project-meetings. If someone is sick, or have to stay home because of sick children, they can watch the meeting in hindsight. This is why we never miss a education, information, or in-house meeting.

More and more of our customers see the winning with recording their meetings and presentations and in the long run it’s good for the company to always be able to go back and see what you’ve been missing.

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Best regards,

The Quickchannel-team