Quickchannel partner Forecom helped their client: ”We saved € 50,000 in one day”

Use case: Nationwide Annual Shareholder Conference

Bad och Värme is a Swedish Headquartered company having a franchise concept for bathroom and plumbing renovation jobs. They have 1,000 certified plumbers and 90 shops nationwide. In April 2019 they had their annual shareholder conference where they usually fly in every shareholder from around the country, rent a big conference center and book hotels and plan travel.

Challenge: Get all shareholders to fly in on a Friday afternoon for the annual conference.

Goal: Save time, money and decrease the impact on the environment.

Solution: Forecom arranged camera, microphone and Epiphan streaming encoder and connected it to the Quickchannel cloud. For this event Quickchannel Broadcast was used for the webcast functionality and Quickchannel Meeting & Voting to do secure voting for the shareholder conference. Everything was delivered to the end user in one interface through a unique viewer link.

Testimony from Bad och Värme CEO Stefan Berglund: ”We were a bit nervous before because we have never done anything like this before. It is amazing how much time and money we have saved by taking this shareholder conference digital and live streaming it. We are very pleased with the solution Forecom put together with Quickchannel cloud services that in one day have saved us 500 000 SEK (€ 55 000).”

Are you interested in how you can live stream, record and share your annual conferences with integrated voting functionality or have any questions?

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