Why Quickchannel

Quickchannel offers a market-leading video platform with a strong focus on user experience, security and integrations. The platform is used to create, manage and distribute online video and communication. All development and new functions are based on the users' wishes and their workflow in our solutions.

Dual stream

One stream for the camera / presenter and another for the presentation


Create your own players completely designed according to your graphical profile.

Several use cases

Several uses such as webinars, live streaming, on-demand video, council meetings, etc.


Long industry experience with knowledge built internally and within the teams.


Quickchannel offers cloud, hybrid and onprem deployment.


Several security solutions such as password protection, IP lock, AD integration, and timed access.


Quickchannel is a reliable and integrated platform in the ecosystem.

Support & delivery

Quickchannel works closely with its customers throughout their video journey.

How our customers use the platform

This is what the platform offers

Send immediately – Stream live

Record video conferencing

Upload and edit movie

Create and manage play channel

Automatic on-demand publishing



Security and integrity are key words for us and it is of the utmost importance that business-critical information and video is secure from creation to distribution.


Quickchannel is a flexible platform that integrates with several different technologies such as AV equipment, video conferencing, booking systems, authentication solutions and other systems.

Do you want to know more about how we can develop a solution that suits your company or organization?

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