Record/Stream video conference

Record/Stream video conference

Recording video conference meetings is perfect for giving someone the opportunity to attend the meeting even though they did not attend. Live streaming video conferencing is perfect when you have presenters from different places who meet in the video meeting or the virtual meeting room and then stream it as a webinar to the viewers.

A problem with large video meetings is that participants forget the mute their microphones and the meeting becomes disturbed and difficult to keep in order. In these cases with large meetings and many participants, the best solution is to stream and record your video meeting where the viewers sit on a streaming link and participate and can ask questions in chat and interact with polling.

Med Quickchannel kan ni spela in och streama Pexip, Cisco, Lifesize, Skype och andra SIP videokonferensmöten. Genom att lägga till Quickchannel till er videokonferenslösning så blir varje videokonferensrum en potentiell webinar, streaming och inspelningsstudio.

Videokonferens – QCS.VC

QCS.VC - is Quickchannel's SIP & WebRTC solution for using video conferencing systems or virtual meeting rooms to record and broadcast live with all the functionality of Quickchannel. With this solution, your conference rooms become a communication studio. Included in QCS.VC is also a solution to use only the browser where you select microphone and camera and then you are live.

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