YouTube is today the predominant platform for online video hosting, simply because it’s providing you with maximum reach. It is the most commonly used video platform for organizations and businesses today, being the second largest search engine in the world that is a necessity for spreading some video communication.

Yes, YouTube maybe a simple and quick way for starting your video communication, but, YouTube (and other similar open platforms) comes with some serious drawbacks as an Enterprise Video Platform.

When working with live-streaming, online video marketing and internal video communication, it should be of utmost importance to control in what context your video is appearing. I usually ask the following 7 questions to our clients and prospects and I would like you to consider them as well:

  • Will your videos be related to, or presented next to competitors or other non-related videos distracting your audience?
  • Will there be advertisement that may cannibalize on your brand before, during and after your video?
  • Do you welcome any kind of commenting on your videos and presentations?
  • Can you white label and brand your video channel to your satisfaction and needs?
  • Do you want to own and control your content or do you want to give ownership of your video content to someone else (in this case Google)?
  • Do you feel confident to publish confidential and business crucial internal information on YouTube?
  • Do you feel confident with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Google’s policies?

These questions have been deciding and driving forces when we have helped organizations and clients with developing and implementing video platforms. What we have learned after our 16 year journey developing these solutions is that it needs to be easy to use, fully customizable and delivered within required enterprise security standards.


Quickchannel Play is a simple yet powerful platform to organize your live and on-demand video communication in your organization and to the public. With categories, role based administration, safe internal and open external channels, and complete branding features, we have helped many organizations to success with their Video Content Management System (VCMS).

When you want to implement a VCMS your IT department should raise questions about security, Single Sign On (SSO), and deployment. The Quickchannel platform offers enterprise security solutions, SSO and integration with your Active Directory (AD) and much more. When it comes to deployment you can choose from 100% cloud solution, Hybrid or On-Premise.

I hope this has been informativefor you and that you have gained some experience from our lessons learned with this article.

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