Quickchannel keeps growing. In the beginning of August two new co-workers started, James Benouda (International Partner Manager) and Louise Ekeblad (Marketing & Sales Manager). In the introduction we of course talked about Quickchannel’s culture and core values to manage internal affaires and the relationship with customers. We took the opportunity to ask them how they look at the core values and how they incorporate them in the daily work.

Reflextions from James about being helpful, driven and humility: ”The way I see it, being helpful in the workplace is all about listening, sharing and being available; listening to the needs of my colleagues, sharing knowledge and resources, and most importantly, being there when needed.

When it comes to being driven, one must be curious but responsible, result oriented with a strong will to deliver and keep a high tempo, while still being very patient.

The last ingredient is humility, be it a customer, a colleague or a partner, everyone appreciates exchanging with a humble person.

To the best of my knowledge; combined, these three values make a co-worker you want to work with, a supplier you want to buy from and a partner you want to sign.”

What does Louise say about collaboration, positivity and commitment: ”Collaboration is one of the key factors to success, not only to reach your goals but also to have a healthy workplace environment. To me it comes natural to cooperate and help colleagues when needed. 

My believe is that everything will be much easier and fun if you have a positiv attitude towards your work and things in general. And I’m convinced that the outcome will be better as well.

Without commitment the working days would be long and boring. A company that has engaged co-workers will achieve higher quality and get more satisfied customers. For me it is important to be able to commit to the company’s solution and Quickchannel offers great products which is easy to marketing and relate to.”