The global pandemic has forced organizations and their employees worldwide to quickly establish and adapt to remote ways of communicating. While many are working from home, some are back working full time in the office. What are the regulations and thoughts of our customers and followers on LinkedIn?

The mass homeworking in the middle of a pandemic presented some of the most challenging circumstances possible. Approximately one of three (of Sweden’s five million working people) has been working from home during the Covid19-pandemic and many will continue to work from home even when the spread of infection has ceased*

To get a better perspective of the current situation we made a survey on our LinkedIn page where we asked our customers and followers how many days a week they are working from home:

And the result?
As shown above, we can still see that many people are working from home. It´s now more important than ever to have a secure and stable streaming solution to ensure that your organization can communicate to anyone from anywhere in a secure and branded way.

*result from a recent survey among 1,500 randomly selected people from all over Sweden during July this year. The study is a collaboration between HR professor Stefan Tengblad (University of Gothenburg), Mårten Westberg (European Institute for Behavioral Science Analysis), Dr Petri Kajonius (Lund University) and Sophie Hedestad (Netigate). 
Download the survey here (in Swedish):

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