How is it possible to record and stream a Microsoft Teams meeting or a video conference call with the same workflow? What different industries did Quickchannel help when Covid19 hit and how did Avonova use our integrated solutions to livestream their webinar? 

Already before COVID-19, marketing videos was popular and quickly growing. The usage of branded play channels with full statistics and lead registration was increasing and webinars had gone from a buzzword to a normal lead generation tool in marketing and communication departments.

Our customers and partners started using studios and AV installations with professional cameras and encoders to record and stream webinars and webcasts where the key points were:

  • Easy to schedule and start a webinar from their auditorium, studios and conference rooms
  • Corporate branding and easy to create different branded players to manage different messaging for brands and products that where communicating
  • Lead registration with statistics


Marketing videos and webinars – a growing trend!

The last 18 months we have been seeing a growing trend in using video conferencing rooms and systems to create high quality webinars and marketing videos

Here our integrations with Pexip, Cisco, Skype and other solutions where in high demand as the streaming and recording platform leveraged their existing investments in video conferencing infrastructure. This meant that every VMR or video conference endpoint became a potential marketing studio to stream, hold webinars and record videos.

An example is the below webinar about the Covid19 outbreak, were Avonova has Cisco video conference installed in two offices, meet in a Pexip VMR and streamed and recorded the webinar with Quickchannel:

Watch the webinar here!!


What different industries did Quickchannel help when COVID-19 hit?
När Corona slog till blev det en explosion i efterfrågan från organisationer som ville hitta lösningar för att kunna kommunicera med deras befintliga kunder och hitta nya leads och företagsmöjligheter. Alla organisationer som förut hade varit klassiska ”ses personligen”, ”skaka hand” och ”signa avtal”-företag behövde nu helt plötsligt bli helt digitala.

 Some of the industries that we helped when Covid19 hit were:

  • Law firms – breakfast and lunch seminars had to become webinars
  • Corporate Training Companies – All training and courses had to change from on-site to online.
  • Gym Chains – from group training in the gym to group training from home via live streaming
  • Funeral agencies – due to the restrictions the funeral-agencies started to live stream instead

Many organizations quickly had to find a solution and many of them just picked the first solution they came across and tried that for a couple of videos and webinars. But many questions started to arise within the IT, Security and Finance department:

  • Is this solution secure and does it integrate with our Active Directory?
  • Is the platform delivered by a trusted partner or just bought online?
  • Does it work with our other IT and AV solutions we have invested in such as video conferencing, AV solutions etc?

With these questions arising we now experience a more educated market within streaming and recording, which we see as extremely positive. Organizations know what they want and what they do not like and it is easier for us to give professional guidance.

Our conclusions
At Quickchannel we think that every organization should have a video solution for their marketing. As an example our own Playchannel were we can publish and manage all our marketing videos. While others need a webinar solution they easily can start and host a webinar either from home or from the office with the technical solutions.

För kunder med komplexa videokonferensmiljöer med många olika verktyg ser vi en trend att använda sig av integrerade lösningar så som Synergy Sky, Pexip och Quickchannel som en ”“all-in-one solution””. Då kan man spela in och streama allt från ett Microsoft Teams-möte till ett videokonferens samtal på samma tillvägagångsätt.

Curious how? Click the video below:


For marketing departments and webinar use case, we can see that the three main points are:

  • Easy to schedule and start a webinar – from home office or professional studio or conference room
  • Corporate branding and easy to create different branded players to manage different messaging for brands and products that where communicating
  • Lead registration with statistics


If you have any questions or need guidance, please don’t hesitate to get get in touch with Quickchannel so we can use our 20+ years experience to help you make the right decision with video and webinar tools for the future.