If you have seen the first few seasons of Game of Thrones chances are you have heard the line ”Winter is coming”. Also, if you have been paying attention to what we have been saying over the last few months, chances are you have heard the phrase ”Quickchannel 3.0 is coming”. Yes, we have teased the largest release in the history of Quickchannel for some time, but now it is within reach. June 9th is set as the official date for the release of QC 3.0.

We have a for a long time listened to feedback, requests and wishes from our end-users and partners and have planned the release accordingly – it will be a combination of more modern code on the back-end coupled with a completely new graphical interface together with new features.

Some of the things that will be included in the release are:


We have been working together with Google to use their AI solution for automatic subtitles. This creates conditions for public sector organizations to act in accordance with the new EU directives regarding accessibility of websites. All recorded material that is elevated with subtitles will also, immediately, become searchable and your video library will be even more of a knowledge database than before.

Simpler user workflow

We have heard some users have experienced the Quickchannel to be too extensive and, therefore, somewhat complicated to navigate through and work in. With Quickchannel 3.0 being released everything in Quickchannel will be guided and intuitive. This means there will be clear and natural ways of doing things in the platform and the user will be guided to execute what they set out to do in the first place.

Improved navigation

Another thing we have been hearing in relation to the workflow has been some issues navigating in the platform. With QC 3.0 users will be able to utilize the back and forward buttons in the web browser and you will always be able to see where in the platform you are, for example:

Quickchannel -> Content -> Program information -> Security.

With this new guided navigation users will always know where they are in the platform and also, easily, find their way back if needed.

Responsive platform and player

More and more of our daily work is conducted through mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. Therefore, large portions of Quickchannel 3.0 will be responsive and adapt to the screen of the user. This also holds true for the player in Quickchannel as it will also be responsive and adapt in a nice way depending on the size of the screen.


Do you want to be sure your organization can benefit from all the new functionality in Quickchannel 3.0, make sure to sign up for the Video and Streaming Days, a day and a half in August filled with seminars and knowledge and where the focus will be on learning the new platform.