A few years ago we were contacted by one of the university hospitals in Sweden. The customer described his need for a system that could live stream sperm samples, but also record the stream for on-demand viewing, in order for specialists at another hospital to be able to contribute with their opinions on the sample. To be honest, the request was first considered to be a joke, but as it turns out the need was indeed real and the solution was one of Quickchannel’s most easy-to-use products.

The suggested solution, Quickchannel Broadcast, would replace the time consuming process that included thawing the sperm sample, film and record the inspection, download the video onto a USB-drive and have the memory stick shipped to the other hospital for the analysis by the other specialists. Thanks to Quickchannel Broadcast, the sperm, once thawed, now hold the leading role in a live stream, that can also be recorded and saved for on-demand viewing. We can only imagine the difference in time and accuracy that this means for those waiting for a diagnosis.

Quickchannel’s various products could be used within many areas in healthcare, alleviating some of the overload in the system. To see the doctor via video meeting is a reality offered to patients around Sweden, but is still very limited and under evaluation. The truth is that time is money, even in healthcare. The patients are not always located exactly where the specialists are and there is not always time to wait for that appointment at the healthcare facility far away. However, the smartphone or the computer is usually at hand. Functionalities that make it possible for doctors and patients to meet, or for specialist teams to gather, regardless of geographical spread, is something we can facilitate with some of Quickchannel’s products.

If you want to know more about how we can help you innovate your processes with video, or if you just want to more about how the little swimmers are doing, don’t hesitate to contact us!