A great challenge today is to keep all employees, customers and partners informed and updated regarding the latest news. It can be the latest internal training, product presentations or the CEO-speech to the organisation.

How do you reach out and give the possibility to everyone to access your information? How do you reach the ones that can’t attend the meeting or presentation?

As many of you know, video – live and onDemand, is a fantastic tool to communicate to your organisation and to the market. Al Gomez shines light on many aspects in this article about what brands and organisations need to consider when working with streaming and VOD (video on demand).

The challenge is to find a solution that is scalable after your specific needs. The questions you need to ask are:

  1. How do you manage security and access regarding your video content?How do you publish a video without being connected to ads and other brands?

  2. How do you create your own branded player where not only the video breathes your brand?

  3. Which solution is high quality enough when you want to broadcast HD presentations with live-streams from both the camera and your computer – without a click of a button?

Where do you collect all these aspects regarding video content in one place? Many of these questions and many more are the challenges that Quickchannel has solved for our clients for over 15 years today. Quickchannel is a user friendly cloud service where you with a click of a button can do a professional broadcast with automated publishing for onDemand! Quickchannel is used by organisations to publish and manage video content with branded Play channels and to broadcast meetings, seminars and training sessions. With over 15 years of experience and development in the field of streaming and recording we can now offer the markets most advanced and user friendly solution.

Are you curious on how to communicate with video in a professional way, with low costs and an easy-to-use interface? Do you want to broadcast and record a seminar or a meeting? Check out some of our videos HERE and get in contact with us at info@quickchannel.se to see how easy you can get started!