Swedish Public Employment Service saved money and contributed to a better environment with streaming

The Employment Service broadcasts 9 webinars per week, but decided to develop the concept and broadcast a digital job fair.

Usually the Employment Service provides job fairs with participants on site, but in August they choosed to implement their first digital job fair. Omid, product owner of their Play channel, says the focus was around seasonal work for ski resorts in northern Sweden. The employeers represented Ski resorts, restaurants and hotels. All of the employeers got an opportunity to hold a short presentation on what kind of employment they were looking for. The webcast was sent from Östersund and broadcast all over Sweden and part of Norway with more than 500 live viewers.

The Employment Service, employees and job-seekers were very satisfied with the outcome and all the employeers want to participate again. After completing the broadcast, the Employment Service conducted a survey in which information was obtained that over 70 % of the participants were more than 30 km from Östersund. This meant that the Swedish Employment Service saved travel costs and accommodation for all of these and thereby also contributed to a better climate.


The Employment Service used Quickchannel Broadcast with the chat function, which was frequently used. The broadcast went flawless whitout any technical issues.