The global spread of COVID-19 has forced organizations worldwide to work from home and rely on remote work tools. For many companies, this is the first time where teams are having to collaborate and communicate virtually through the power of technology. How did this affect us at Quickchannel compared to how it was prior the outbreak? What lies ahead once the pandemic ends?

We asked our CEO Viktor Hedström for his perspective on how to work, our learnings and of course his thoughts on solutions and technology..

Viktor Hedström, CEO at Quickchannel

Viktor Hedström, CEO at Quickchannel

“Before the COVID-19 pandemic we saw a growing trend in demand and usage of video solution, live streamed events, webinars, branded and secure management of on-demand video

The most common livestreamed cases in our customer group were:
CEO town halls – once per quarter
‣    Monthly information meetings

To reach everyone at the same time with news and leadership information, these information sessions were live-streamed. Many times they offered interaction in form of a live chat with the viewers and conducted polls to engage with the employees in the company

The most common Recordings and on-demand cases were:
‣    On-boarding videos for new employees
‣    Training in rules and regulation
‣    Team meetings and weekly meetings

Recordings and on-demand videos are powerful ways of making sure everyone is informed on team updates and decisions even though they can’t attend meetings due to travelling, double bookings, or sickness. When COVID-19 hit, many organisations including our own, had to go digital and work from home. Many tools such as Pexip, Zoom, Teams, Cisco Webex and other video conference solutions were quickly picked up and organisations took a massive digital leap in order to adjust to the new circumstances.

Organisations with digital events of more than 20-30 people began to experience problems such as too heavy capacity on the platforms, VPN overload and having participants forgetting to mute their microphones. When interacting in such large meetings it could quickly become loud and messy where chat and polling would have been better solutions to interact than speaking through the microphones.

Increase of over 740%

In March 2020 we saw an increase of over 740% in live streamed events and traffic compared to previous months. Customers that normally held quarterly town halls now had to step up and deliver crisis communication and crucial information on a weekly and even daily basis. daily, to deliever crisecommunication and other important information.

For these events we learned the importance of the customers for the events to:
‣    Be easy to stream and record from anywhere; at home with a webcam, in the office, studio or in front of a professional videoconference system.
‣    Follow corporate graphical profiles to strengthen the messaging
‣    Secure with registration of the employees watching
‣    Interactive for the viewers with moderated live chat and polling
‣    Statistics and analytics
‣    Automatic on-demand publishing with easy to use video editing capabilities

We asked our customers in a recent survey what the top priorities are when choosing a streaming solution and the result confirms our learnings from this spring;


Whats next?

The trend that I hear and see is that many people will never work in the office 5 days a week – ever again. Some organisations are having a “100% work from home policy” – ie. Google just extended theirs to July 2021. We also see a hybrid approach where some teams work in the office more than others or that all staff is working in the office but only on certain days of the week.

At Quickchannel we started working from home 100% for approximately 3 months, but then we changed it to work from the office 1-2 days a week since many of our staff found it hard to get motivated at home and missed the social interaction that you otherwise get in the office. We will keep a flexible approach going forward this fall and I believe it is important for the culture and team building to meet every once in a while but with distancing always in mind.

When organisations go back to the offices again we will see that all the online tools that they have used, now are going to be used also in the office and in their conference rooms. Here it is important to have a streaming, recording and online video solution that works both on the laptop from home but also from the office.

Innan COVID-19 hade många organisationer video- och streaming-lösningar mer som en trevlig ”extra-lösning” och inte som en prioritet. Men nu efter COVID-19 har detta förändrats – alla har vid något tillfälle använt en videolösning, haft ett videosamtal eller deltagit i ett webinar. Organisationer letar nu efter lösningar som fungerar både på hemmakontoret men även på kontoret och som är integrerade med andra IT- och AV-system”

At Quickchannel we can help guiding you to the right solution and make sure you save time and money and continue to ensure that your organisation can communicate to anyone from anywhere in a secure and branded way. Contact us here!!