Videxio is a cloud based Video Conference as a Service (VCaaS) company with clients globally. Videxio launched the new release Videxio Live end of April 2017. In this release Videxio empowers the video conference functionality with the possibility to record and live stream any conference. Quickchannel can together with Videxio offer market leading streaming, recording and content management functionality from the Quickchannel Streaming Platform with the interoperability and user friendly videoconference solution from Videxio.

We are pleased to offer the clients the full ecosystem of video communication and video online with this functionality.

The product Quickchannel Bridge is offering the functionality to do scheduled streaming and recording sessions from the Videxio platform. In Quickchannel Bridge functionality to manage recorded content with enterprise level security and branded players are available to the users. Quickchannel Bridge can be combined with all the other Quickchannel products and modules to tailor for the clients specific needs regarding online video.

VIDEO To see how a live streaming and recording session is done with Quickchannel and Videxio watch HERE.

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