CEO Townhall

CEO Townhall

Let the management and CEO reach out directly to the organization by securely and easily broadcasting live and streaming CEO speeches, management information and large monthly meetings. Do as Skanska and live quarterly and monthly meetings. With a secure and scalable streaming platform, you can reach all internal employees with your event and Quickchannel offers smart solutions for security and for delivering large broadcasts on local networks. We offer eCDN solutions, peer to peer as well as proxy and hybrid solutions for secure and scalable delivery for large internal streaming events.


Quickchannel offers the highest level of security and security solutions. Security and integrity are key words for us and they are of the highest priority for our customers. When we deliver business-critical internal information to our customers, it is of the utmost importance that the information and the medium are secure from creation to handling and distribution.

Quickchannel offers several different levels of security functionality and security solutions when you use the platform. The Quickchannel platform can be installed and delivered in different ways based on the customer's needs and requirements regarding functions regarding content and video administration. In addition to this, Quickchannel offers customized security functionality and can make customer-specific solutions based on needs and requirements.

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