Video storage

Video storage

Many organizations are generating more video material today than ever before. New habits from digitalisation, changed working methods and how we communicate means that video takes a larger place in every organization. All video created from webinars, recorded video meetings, instructional videos, tutorials and information videos need to be organized. As video can both contain sensitive data that must be kept secure and that it can contain personal data, secure and GDPR-approved video storage becomes important. Quickchannel offers solutions for organizing your video material with tags, categories, security groups and search features. Publishing video in several languages ​​and with different subtitles is important. Making this available to external and internal viewers in one place in a play channel or video archive is best practice.


Quickchannel offers the highest level of security and security solutions. Security and integrity are key words for us and they are of the highest priority for our customers. When we deliver business-critical internal information to our customers, it is of the utmost importance that the information and the medium are secure from creation to handling and distribution.

Quickchannel offers several different levels of security functionality and security solutions when you use the platform. The Quickchannel platform can be installed and delivered in different ways based on the customer's needs and requirements regarding functions regarding content and video administration. In addition to this, Quickchannel offers customized security functionality and can make customer-specific solutions based on needs and requirements.

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