WCAG-ohjeistuksen noudattaminen

What is WCAG 2.1 AA?

The Web Accessibility Directive is an EU directive that the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has adopted with the aim of increasing website accessibility. This means that all visitors to a website must have the same conditions to absorb the information, regardless of disabilities. The whole of Europe has the same minimum requirements for digital accessibility for the criteria are divided into three different levels:

Nivå A is the lowest ambition, ie the highest priority criteria are at this level.

Nivå AA is the basic level that needs to be met by websites and mobile applications within the EU. WCAG 2.1 AA includes both level A and AA criteria.

Level AAA is the highest level of ambition. Consider meeting these criteria as well.

You can read more about this in English at W3C´s hemsida!

To whom does the web directive apply?

All organizations classified as "bodies governed by public law", which in principle cover all procured authorities, are covered by the Web Directive.


  • Agencies
  • County council
  • Municipalities
  • Public organizations
  • Actors considered to be a contracting authority
  • Actors financed by public funds

When do the requirements take effect?

1 january 2019

The Web Directive entered into force. But what applies to different types of websites varies depending on when they are launched.

23 september 2019

From this date, new websites will be affected - i.e. websites that have been published after 23 September 2018.

23 september 2020

From this date, new websites will be affected - i.e. websites that have been published after 23 September 2018. Time-dependent media (video, etc.) will also be affected from this date.

23 june 2021

From this date, public apps will be affected.

To whom does the web directive apply?

  • Has helped and worked with Quickchannel's meeting management and voting system "Meeting" during the period February to March 2020 and with "New player" June to August 2020 so that we meet all requirements.

  • Builds technology that is easy to use with people with disabilities. Axcess lab helps with development, interaction design, user tests and accessibility reviews and meets the user's needs and accessibility guidelines such as WCAG, the Web Directive and EN 301 549.

  • Disseminates awareness and competence about digital accessibility by holding lectures, workshops and trainings.

  • Axcess Lab is part of the company Haja Applation AB with headquarters in central Stockholm.


Quickchannel & WCAG 2.1 AA

  • Accessibility-adapted player and voting system
  • HTML5 compatible (modern technology that makes it easier to work with accessibility.
  • Landmarks - clear explanations of what everything is. Revolutionary viewing experiences for people with visual impairment
  • Complemented with more / new colors that create the right contrast values
  • Screen reader support
  • Subtitles - automatically generated at the touch of a button (via Google cloud)
  • Larger magnifiable texts combined with icons
  • Full responsiveness regardless of device (computer / mobile / tablet)
  • Navigation possible with only one keyboard

Did you miss our WCAG Webinar?

On August 20, we held a webinar on WCAG where our CEO Viktor Underwood talked about the accessibility requirement, what it means for our customers and how we have adapted our player to the new requirements.

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