The ability to work from home is to many a dream, a benefit or just the reality that enables us to make the life puzzle work during the years of having newborns, not miss too much of what is happening during sick leaves or being able to welcome the carpenter or the delivery that is supposed to show up at any given day between 7.30 and 15. Sweden has, for a long time, worked hard to develop the Internet throughout the country and the result is that 98% of the population has access to the Internet in their homes, which bodes for a good working environment even outside of the office walls.

In the latest report from Internetstiftelsen “Svenskarna och Internet 2018” (The Swedes and the Internet 2018), it is clear that the online habits of the Swedes have changed over the years. Not only when it comes to the usage of the Internet, but also how we consume and process the information available online.

The daily use of the Internet is moving more and more away from computers and tablets and onto smart phones. This goes hand in hand with the fact that more Swedes than ever own a smart phone. 90% of the population, an increase of 5% since last year, owns a smart phone and at the same time, only 2% does not own a mobile phone at all.

The increased access to smart phones and the Internet has blurred the lines between our private life and working hours. 61% claim they mix work and private life thanks to the Internet. Almost every worker in Sweden use the Internet at some point during a regular work day and the amount of people that never use the Internet for private matters during work hours or work from home are only 9%. Another rising trend according to the report is video calls and/or video chats, with 2/3 of the population claiming to utilize video in everyday communication, a steep increase from last year.

What conclusions can be drawn from this? For us operating in the video realm it just confirms what we have been saying all along – video is more powerful than text or phone calls. In a time where more work is being done from remote locations, the importance of high-quality meetings has never been clearer. The development in society has put down the foundations for this, so why not take advantage?


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