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Business people attending video conference

Tips för en lyckad videokonferens

Genom att följa 5 enkla steg kan du hålla igång din konferens och engagera din publik.                                                                  

Business people attending video conference

Videxio & Quickchannel       

Leveraging one-to-many capabilities to boost video’s impact on business communications.                      

Computer security

Active Directory Integrations

With Quickchannel’s AD integration you can use single sign-on for viewers of your video content and administrators of your video content. 

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Comparison with Microsoft Stream

Are you unsure which solution suits you best? Download our white paper and find out!                                                                

Blue sky and clouds

Delivery Architecture

We offer a tailored delivery architecture for our media applications. We use the terms Cloud, Hybrid and On-Prem to describe these.

Video conferencing

QCS.VC – Rec & Stream

Enable every video conferencing, skype endpoint or your USB camera laptop to live stream and record your presentations, webinars and events.

Smiling employee in headphones watching webinar

Upphandlingskrav & rekommendationer

Krav och rekommendationer för en kvalitetssäkrad och framtidstrygg lösning för stat, kommun och landsting.   

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Quickchannel 3.0. New Platform

 Quickchannel is striving to give you a smooth and great user experience. In November 2019 we released the new generation Quickchannel platform.                        

Vill du veta mer om hur vi kan ta fram en lösning som passar ditt företag eller organisation?

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