With the new year we release Quickchannel 2.2.0 live the 6th of January 2017. The new release contains a upgrade of our voting and polling system Quickchannel Meeting. With this release we can present Quickchannel Meeting Premium with a more advanced functionality package. In Quickchannel 2.2.0 there is also new functionality to support the format MPEG-DASH, for more info read below. In the release the functionality for Quickchannel Bridge is updated and our integration with Pexip is improved for our partners.


Quickchannel Meeting Premium

Quickchannel Meeting Premium includes many new functions and reports. Above you can see a picture from the new list of delegates and examples of how a multi-answer survey question can be administrated.

More functions:

  • Sort on party, name or vote number
  • Reserve time for party or delegate on the speaking list
  • Demand a vote function
  • Write a delegate proposal in the app
  • Function for delegate reservations
  • Voting districts


The New Standard for Streaming – MPEG-DASH

Quickchannel have developed full support for MPEG-DASH which is the upcoming standard within streaming when the support for Flash is discontinued by browsers and other market players in streaming. We have developed a fallback function that will sense if the viewer does not have support for Flash in their browser, if not it will change player and protocol to DASH and play. This will work both live and on-demand. This means that Quickchannel’s platform now has the markets widest support for different formats. This is a guarantee that your viewers can take part of your content and communication sent via Quickchannel.

Tips! Changed publishing function:

When you chose before not to publish your material in any Play-channel you chose “Not Published”. This choice is now changed to “Direct link only”. If you choose “Not published” then the content cannot be accessed.


Streaming for Education – Corporate and Universities

Quickchannel has launched a new webinar where we present how our customers use streaming and Quickchannel today to educate their co-workers in the corporate space and how universities and schools can use streaming to strengthen their educations. Do you want to learn more and get inspiration? Klick on the picture below to get to the webinar!

We wish you all a great start of the new year and are looking forward to exciting partnerships and a lot of streaming in our communication channels!

Best regards from the Quickchannel team!