Quickchannel and Pexip history

Quickchannel and Pexip development teams have worked together since 2014 developing intelligent solutions to handle streaming and recording in a user friendly manner. Quickchannel and Pexip are technology partners and build plugins and other API based integrations to do recordings and live streaming of events from a Pexip Virtual Meeting Room (VMR).

Quickchannel & Pexip

  • Dynamic VMR, Personal VMR, shared VMR support.
  • Cloud, hybrid and on-prem deployment options.
  • Webapp plugin for new gen and old gen Pexip web app
  • Auto-recording VMR
  • Microsoft Skype 4 Business and Teams recording/streaming
  • Auto provisioning of new users


Pexip web application integration

Quickchannel offers several ways to integrate with Pexip depending on the requested user workflow from the client. The most common integration is the Quickchannel Plugin, which enables the user to start and stop streaming and recording from the Pexip web application. With the Quickchannel Plugin the end user has full control of when to start and stop the recordings and live streams. They can, also, easily navigate to find and manage old recordings in the Quickchannel back-end. A unique link for each recording is presented in the Pexip web application chat upon start of streaming and recording.


Authorization and security

Every VMR or range of VMRs need to be registered to a certain customer account in Quickchannel. End user choses the options in the web application to start streaming and recording:

See video here: https://secure.quickchannel.com/qc/?play=34305

+ Quick deployment

+ End user has full control of start and stop

+ Supports Pexip Dynamic VMR and Pexip Personal VMR

– Manual start and stop


Auto recording VMR

Auto recording VMR is useful when you want to call a VMR from your videosystem and it will automatically do a recording and/or livestream once someone enters the VMR. This enables compliance to know that all meetings in certain Virtual Meeting Rooms are recorded and it gives an easy user workflow within an organization.

With Quickchannel streamkey we offer auto recording VMRs. In Quickchannel you generate a unique streamkey for a user, this streamkey supports both dual stream and single stream. Setup a VMR with auto-dial participant in Pexip to a streamkey in Quickchannel with Autoprogram and you are set.

+ Automatically starts and stops when someone enters the VMR

+ Start and stop from a video conference end-point

+ No need of PC and web application

+ Automatically creates projects in Quickchannel

+ Can be used as shared resource


Dynamic VMR support

Quickchannel supports Dynamic VMR setup with an API. With Dynamic VMR Quickchannel can get a personal recording to a specific user account because of the integration with Pexip Management Node. This way Quickchannel can connect the recording to the end user’s email address. The combination of Dynamic VMR on Pexip and recording and streaming with Quickchannel allows for high security and flexibility together with good integrity and GDPR proof as the recordings get saved on personal user accounts.

+ Personal recordings and streams

+ High security

+ End user have full control with start and stop

For more information on our integration with Pexip, please contact us for your own trial.