We are happy to welcome two new co-workers, Selma Berrouba as an Account Manager and Henrik Aronsson as a Developer. Now they have been working a couple of weeks and we took the opportunity to ask some questions:

  • What was your first impression of Quickchannel?
  • What are you looking forward to as a co-worker at Quickchannel?
  • What do you think are the strenghts of our products?


A few weeks has passed since I started at Quickchannel and my first impression is very positive. When I step in at the office in Old Town everyone felt engaged and the atmosphere was full of energy. It was the end of the month and the bell on the wall often rang as soon as a new deal was signed. That kind of things makes me feel eager to get started and learn more.

It feels great to join a Sales team with high energy and different personalities. As a co-worker I want to contribute with my experience, but at the same time learn as much as possible since my colleagues are experts in the field. Honesty, helpfulness and humility is something I value highly in a colleague and therefor I try to act in the same way and help colleagues when needed. I am looking forward getting to know everyone and vice versa.

The reason why I was attracted to Quickchannel is that we offer a software that everyone can use. both BtB and BtC companies. It has something for everyone. Our Webinar Solution and Play Chanel is brilliant, especially. the functionality to record e.g. all the internal meetings and be able to view it afterward if you couldn’t join the meeting.


During the first couple of weeks there have been an incredible amount of new things to take in. Everything from new colleagues and a new workplace to new technic like the video format and codecs. My impression so far is that this is a company with good prospects, high ambitions and friendly colleagues. I am looking forward having the opportunity to develop our products and services.

One of our strengths is the close relationship and dialogue with the customers, and that we constantly listen to the needs when developing the products.