Record video meeting.


Do you find it hard to gather the entire team for meetings or briefings? Are staff located in other locations, countries or even time zones? Yes, it can be tough to be able to find a time slot that suits everyone. The answer is: Record the video meeting!


With Quickchannel’s deep integration with other video conferencing systems it is now possible to record video meetings and share with everyone not able to attend. This way no one will ever be out of sync or not know the latest information. When you record video meetings you secure the information within your organization and it is easy for anyone missing to find out what they have missed.


There will be no more time consuming catch-up periods after a prolonged leave or a vacation. Staff can watch all meetings on-demand and slot right in.

Don’t believe us? Contact us today and we will help you record a video meeting and you will see for yourself.


Create a professional record video meeting.

At Quickchannel we have developed record video meeting function that can easily be used. With record video meeting, you as a company can always see what has been raised at the meeting or conference in case you have to go through it. Videoconference with record video meeting function is a solution for companies in collaboration, project work and distance communication. , increases efficiency and is a green environmental alternative. We have a strong focus on safety with our platform and offer many other security functions and distribution models. For more information on our security solutions, read the security page. Quickchannel offers great-looking business and organizational video solutions. Quickchannel can also be customized with your company or organizational profiling on video players and presentations Warmly welcome to us at Quickchannel.

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