Quickchannel now offers recording and livestreaming from your native Skype for Business client. Skype for Business together with Quickchannel becomes a powerful and secure solution to broadcast, record, store and manage your video content created from your Skype conferences. All the benefits of the Quickchannel platform can now be applied together with the flexibility of Skype as a collaboration system.

“Quickchannels strong security and functionality now available to also manage all Skype recorded and livestreamed content in the same platform opens up many opportunities for organizations with Skype for Business deployment” – Viktor Hedström, CEO, Quickchannel

Record and livestream your Skype for Business videoconferences with Quickchannel Bridge, a click-and-go solution to save and share your material with ease. 

For more information contact us at info@quickchannel.se or give us a call at +468 326 547.

Instructions – How to record and stream from Skype for Business to Quickchannel



1. Add recording and live streaming
Add the recording and live streaming function as a participant to your Skype meeting and confirm with by clicking ”OK”.






Once the recording function is connected the background will go black and the red recording icon will be smaller. The recording and live stream is now automatically activated.

A text is displayed on the right hand side of the recording icon image when a recording or live stream starts. In the example, a streaming is started and you can find the text ”Streaming Enabled” on top of the recording icon.


It’s important that you disconnect the recording participant after you are done with your recording or live stream. If you don’t disconnect the VMR, it will continue to record empty video, though this depends on the Skype meeting server set up (usually up to 4 hrs).

If you forget to disconnect, just rejoin the Skype Meeting and disconnect the recording participant.


Log on to your Quickchannel account, go to ”Content” and view the ”Movie List” to find, watch and share your conference recording. In Quickchannel you can on top of starting it ad-hoc from Skype also book a recording to configure the security settings, layout etc for your event or generate a streaming link in advance.