Streaming plattform.

At Quickchannel we have, for a long time, developed platforms for online video and streaming and recording. By using our streaming platform you will always have the possibility to distribute information, presentations, meetings and so on, both in real time and on-demand.

Thanks to our broad product portfolio you can pick and chose what suits your needs. With Quickchannel Broadcast you will be able to live-stream events and also distribute the material on-demand for everyone that weren’t able to make it.

With Quickchannel Bridge you can live-stream and record your video meeting, which turns every video conference system within the organization into a production studio.

With Quickchannel Play you can create your own video library and you can easily share and categorize your material. You will also have control over who can access what material. There will never be any ads interrupting your videos and the viewers can see the material on any device.

Together they form a powerful streaming platform and the Quickchannel platform will integrate with your existing technology.

With our streaming platform everyone in the organization can schedule and conduct trainings, seminars and inform on internal corporate happenings in an easy and user friendly way.

If you are looking for a stabile and secure streaming platform, contact us today! We would love the opportunity to let you know more about Quickchannel and our streaming platform.

Stable and good streaming platform.

Quickchannel offers first class solutions for corporate video. Our streaming platform allows you to integrate, create and distribute video material from your video conferencing systems, smart phones, laptops and cameras seamless and easy.

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We make streams come true. Alla våra lösningar är molnbaserade och inga plugins eller nedladdade klienter krävs. Skapa, dela och titta på video med ett musklick.


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