With video meetings and video conferencing becoming a necessary collaboration tool for most organizations there is still more to explore. The benefits of cutting down on traveling, working remote and having global teams working together are great with video conferencing technologies today. To meet face-to-face and collaborate in projects over video with shared content is very powerful. It saves time, increases productivity and keeps corporate culture strong even in a disperse organization spread over the globe.

Using a streaming and online video platform connected to your video conferencing solution is equal to giving your video solution rocket fuel. It creates communication possibilities that are unmatched. With a professional corporate streaming and recording platform your video conferencing service becomes a source of knowledge and information – that can be reached live and on-demand.

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These are the greatest benefits of using streaming and recording with your video conferencing service:

1. Video conferencing creates knowledge libraries

Every video meeting and presentation for different departments and teams can now be recorded and stored for colleagues to share and replay to spread the knowledge of the presentation. With easy to use and secure solution the video meetings are now creating a knowledge library for the rest of the organization.

2. Live webinar from a video meeting

Invite the people that are presenting in the video meeting from different locations on the globe and live broadcast that presentation as a webinar to the viewers – both live and on-demand. With a online video platform that enables webinar functionality you can have interaction with viewer registration, live chat, interactive agendas and speaker name presentations – all live streamed from your virtual meeting on the video conferencing service.

3. Instructions and training videos

You can now use your video conference endpoint or your laptop with a webcam to record training sessions and presentations. Instead of writing text and sending emails and PDFs, just record your message and share your screen and send that over to your audience within minutes. With video editing features you can create professional training videos and instructions from your virtual meeting room.

4. Live broadcasts and webcasts

Use your video conferencing solution to host live broadcasts with global reach in a safe and professional way. With live control and chat moderator you can reach a global audience based from your virtual video meeting room.

5. Reach anyone, anytime – on any device

With a streaming and recording solution integrated with your video conferencing platform you can reach anyone with any message – live and on demand on any device. This is now possible to do in a secure, branded and scalable way.

For more information about how to leverage your video conferencing solution with streaming and recording please contact us at info@quickchannel.com or www.quickchannel.com.

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