Publish your videos and broadcast live. Quick, easy, secure and compliant.

Through our completely GDPR-compliant and accessible video platform, you gain access to all the tools you need to produce, manage, and distribute high-quality video content – both for live broadcasts and on-demand. A completely seamless experience, from recording to sharing, all through a cohesive and user-friendly solution.

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Save time

  • check icon Smart AI transcription & translation
  • check icon Automated workflows
  • check icon Integrated solution

Reduce cost

  • check icon Less tooling licenses
  • check icon Unlimited user licenses
  • check icon Manual transcription cost

Be compliant

  • check icon Trusted by governments
  • check icon Truly GDPR compliant
  • check icon WCAG certified team

The platform you can trust 

  • check icon Only recommended platform by Esam. 
  • check icon Commitment to best-in-class compliance ensures your data is adhering to GDPR and Schrems II. 
  • check icon WCAG compliant platform with transparency.

Save time for what truly matters 

  • check icon Boost your productivity and reclaim time with our easy to use video platform. 
  • check icon Use smart time-saving functionality to automate your video communication. 
  • check icon From creating a video to publishing on your intranet, website och social media – do it effectively with a video platform integrated with your CMS.

How should I work with video?

  • check iconFree up time and repurpose your video content with our Live-from-tape feature. 
  • check icon Analyze your results to make data-driven decisions for future content. 
  • check icon Utilize our dashboards and reports for a clear view of your video metrics. 
  • check icon Benefit from advanced statistics to understand viewer behaviour and engagement. 

Integrated in your eco-system through our API first platform

Connect your tools, connect your teams. Integrate directly with your CMS, Social media, CRM or analytics with our certified integrations. Build and integrate your own systems directly to our open API.
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